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How to Develop Psychic Powers

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How to Develop Psychic Powers – Discover Your Inner Self

Every once in a while, you get the feeling that the phone is going to ring… and it does. Or you know who it is that is calling… and you are right. Or you sense that someone is watching you, you turn around and they are. A song is playing in your head; you turn on the radio, and there it is… the same song. You are overwhelmed, somehow, with the feeling that a close friend or relative is in trouble or needs your help at that moment… and you soon learn that is actually the case.

Are these examples of mere coincidence? Or is there something more profound taking place? Are we, in fact, tapping in to what many researchers believe is a shared consciousness – or superconsciousness – that connects all people… perhaps all living things? These are no longer just “New Age” concepts, but are subjects of serious speculation and research by a growing number of mainstream scientists in the fields of quantum theory, psychology and other disciplines. The idea that extra-sensory perception (ESP) and related psychic abilities are quite real (if difficult to measure) phenomena is gaining respectability.

Those who research ESP suspect that most if not all people have this remarkable ability to varying degrees – certainly that it is latent in us all. The ability is often likened to having a musical talent. Some people are naturally gifted with the ability to play and compose music, and practice makes them extremely skilled. Others must learn and work and practice to be able to play an instrument even adequately or in the simplest way. But nearly everyone can learn to play to some degree. The same may hold true for psychic abilities.

Here’s what you need to know about developing your psychic abilities.

1. Acknowledge the Possibilities

The first step is to acknowledge that ESP exists and that it is a latent within your subconcious mind to develop. Begin by telling yourself that you are psychic. Make it a mantra that you repeat to yourself daily and often. This kind of self-talk has a scientific basis. It is now known that when a person learns something – whether it’s a physical skill like practising a trade or a mental exercise like memorizing script lines, or something creative like drawing – through repetition, his or her brain physically changes – “rewires” itself, if you will – to accommodate that task. This process of rewiring your brain for psychic ability begins with your belief in it.

2. Practice

Psychic ability requires diligent practice, like learning a musical instrument. Unlike music, however, progress can be hard to measure because it’s difficult to know how or when psychic phenomena are going to occur. The frustration level can be high, so the key to success is to not give up.

Don’t let frustration or failures make you stop. Be realistic. You can’t expect to practice for a few days, then be able to predict when Aunt Suzie is going to call or who’s going to win at the races. Psychic abilities, even for those who have developed them to a high degree, can be unpredictable and erratic. The trick is to learn to recognize when your psychic powers are working… and that comes with experience.

There are a number of tools available today, to help in your quest to gain psychic abilities. Even modern technology has come to our aid, with subliminal message CDs and the like, designed to “retrain” our subconscious mind to awaken to its latent gifts.

Keep a journal of your experiences. Write down the results of your exercises. The physical act of writing it all on paper will help reinforce the conscious-unconscious connection.

How to Develop Psychic Powers

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