Awakening Psychic Abilities – What the Bleep Do We Know

Do you think you may be developing your own psychic abilities? We all have them to a lesser or greater degree, because the study of quantum physics has shown that we are all connected in the universe. An interesting observation was made in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” – that the very thing (our minds) that perceives the tangible world around us, is itself intangible. The meaning behind this lies in the way our thinking conscious mind operates. It is not the “brain flesh” that does the thinking, but the hologram inside (and around) our skull, that the brain produces.

Understanding this premise helps us to understand how psychic abilities are possible. All the universe consists of atoms and electrons which modern discoveries tell us “pop in and out of existence”. In other words, the universe is fluid in time and space – and the hologram of our thinking self is but another manifestation of this process. Thus, we are all connected.

Other studies have shown that the brain’s hologram is quite powerful. Scientists once stood outside the room of a dying woman who was hooked up to their gadgets that measure brain activity. She was praying intensely as the end of her life drew near – but the most interesting thing was that the output from her brain activity registered a strength many times greater than the strongest emission from your local radio tower. Thus, we are all connected in the universe.

The thing that distinguishes the psychic, is their ability to be more aware of this connection than the rest of us. The question then remains: Can “the rest of us” realize the same awareness? Can anyone become psychic?

Awakening psychic abilities could be likened to tuning a TV or radio. Both these items need you to tune into a particular band or frequency to get the program that you want. The human holographic mind is no different. Have you ever felt a sudden awareness that someone is watching you, or thinking about you? Have you had a sense that the phone is about to ring, or that something unusual is about to happen – and it does? These are very minor examples of our mind tuning into a particular frequency in the universe. In the first example, it might be picking up someone else’s brain output focussed on ourselves. In the second, it is tuning into a far wider combination of energy output.

Psychics are people who either have a natural ability for, or have purposefully developed, the skill required to become consciously aware of the many ‘signals’ that are normally received at subconscious level. Some develop this ability around puberty, while others have a sudden and quite frightening, awakening later in life. It is believed that the pineal gland, otherwise known as “the third eye” is associated with this phenomenon.

The bottom line is, that anyone who has a desire to awaken their psychic abilities should know that with the right kind of help, it is quite within reach.

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